6 August 2013

3 Best Tools To Recover Deleted Files From PC | Works On Windows

Have you deleted any important file accidentally and emptied recycle bin or directly clicked Shift+delete on you PC ?
You need not worry thinking How to recover deleted files. There are too many applications available on web to recover deleted files for free. But, if we go for free the software offers only a few megabytes of  recovery( Say 50-100MB). But, if you want to recover more than the limited memory we can upgrade for premium account which offers unlimited memory of recovery for lifelong. Here are some best tools available on web to recover deleted files with 0% data loss..
lost file recovery

Best tools to recover deleted files on Windows OS:

Wise Recovery Tool:

It is one of the best professional data recovery tools which supports up to 600+ types of files recovery. It takes only three steps of recovery process. Download an install the software, Scan the drive with deleted files and click recover to restore the files. That's all. But, to enjoy the 100% recovery of files you must get registered with the product before starting the recovery process. Get registered with the product an get a licence key which is to be entered during the installation process. Make sure that you have the licence key before downloading and installing product or else it my interrupt the recovery process. If you need one copy of this software with 50% off, get registered here...
tools to recover deleted files
The benefits with this software is that it supports almost all types of file extensions and all types of storage's like HDD, USB-drive, SD card, iPods, Mobiles, Cameras etc.

It is an offline software with simple interface of file recovery. We can undelete the files that are formated with FAT and NTFS using this software. Further, we can run a deep scan to recover the lost or missing files on your PC using this software. But, to use this software to full extent, you must register for the product online. Registration must be done before the starting of the recovery process so that it may not interfere the process. With out getting registered to the software, we cannot restore even a single megabyte. So, buy licence Here>> before downloading the setup.

File Recovery and Delete:
It is a software which provides free analysis of deleted files like images, songs, videos and many other kinds of files. But, to recover the files permanently you must get registered for the product through the website. After getting registered on the website click free analysis to download the setup and now enter the licence key during the installation of the program. That's all! Now you can recover deleted files and you can also delete them forever.
Interested to buy a licence? We are here to guide you. Go through this link Here>> and click "Order now" button to get a unique licence key. Enter the licence key during the process of recover to ensure 100% loss free recover of deleted files.

Note: Choose a different drive or a folder while recovering the files. Choosing the same folder where we've previously deleted files may not guarantee 100% loss free file recovery.

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